Taranaki District Health Board – Exit Survey Questions

Exit Survey for the Taranaki District Health Board - 2020

Position Details

Please tell us a little about your role at TDHB If you had more than one position please indicate the position you spent most time in.
Please include even if date is in the future.
5. What best describes your ethnicity?

Reasons for Leaving

This section aims to provide more detail on why you left or are leaving your position with TDHB.
6. Please select the top 3 reasons for you leaving TDHB *
7. How well do you believe the Te Ahu values were promoted within TDHB? *
8. Please indicate the extent to which each of the Te Ahu values impacted your decision to resign from TDHB.
Empowerment/Mana Motuhake
People Matter/ Mahakitanga
Safety / Manaakitanga

Leadership at TDHB

Leadership continues to be of key importance at TDHB. We would appreciate if you could spend a little time providing us some information of the leadership you experienced during your time as an employee.
9. Please indicate below the extent to which you agree or disagree with the below statements.
My team leader was clear about what they expected of me. *
My team leader encouraged the adoption of new ideas to improve the way we worked. *
I felt accepted as a valued member of my team. *
I felt appreciated for the contribution I made to my team. *
I had the opportunity to contribute to important decisions that affected my work. *
My team leader encouraged team work and cooperation between departments. *

More information

The following open-ended questions are optional and provide the opportunity to provide us a little more feedback on your departure from TDHB.
10. Was there a particular event that prompted your departure?
12. Would you be open to working for TDHB again in the future?

Sharing of Information

Giving consent to share the information obtained in this survey is completely voluntarily and unless permission is given all responses to this questionnaire will remain confidential.
14. Are you happy for this information to be shared with the following? *
15. Would you be happy to be contacted by the Human Resources department to discuss the information you have provided? *
16. If you answered yes to the above please provide your contact details below.

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